IG Exclusive – Free Trial Bundle

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IG Exclusive – Free Trial Bundle


This is a exclusive bundle for attendees of IG MT4 Masterclass & their friends. Seven Automated Trading Systems (GS Alpha 1 to 7) are included in this bundle.
They can be used on any IG demo or live MT4 accounts from now till 24 Mar 2017.

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Designed for IG

All our automated trading systems are created to work on MetaTrader 4, or MT4 in short. You can use any of the trading systems included in this bundle on IG's demo or live account. If you wish to use them on your MT4 accounts with other brokers, you can purchase them under "Trading Systems" on the top menu, which comes with Lifetime Licence and can be used on any brokers.
If you are new to MT4, I would recommend IG, which is one of the largest multi-asset broker in the world, and listed on the London Stock Exchange.
Click here to open a demo or live account with IG.

Terms and Conditions:
  • Automated Trading System will be delivered in MetaTrader 4 format (.ex4 file), henceforth referred to as Expert Advisor (EA).
  • Each copy of the EA allows running on unlimited demo & live MT4 accounts that is opened with IG. If you wish to run the EA on accounts with different brokers, please purchase a separate copy of the EA for each live non-IG account.
  • Each purchased copy of the EA supports up to a maximum account size of USD100,000. If you wish to run the EA on larger accounts, kindly contact us for special pricing arrangements.
  • All purchases are final and non-refundable.
  • IMPORTANT: Expert Advisors (EA) are trading tools designed to implement trading strategies mechanically. They do not guarantee profits, nor do they protect your capital. In the worst scenario, they may also lose your whole capital and more. Please do your own due diligence and evaluation before utilizing any EA or related tools.
No grid strategies nor martingale is used in our Trading Systems.

We believe in creating trading systems the proper way, allowing them to potentially build an alternative stream of income for us in the long term.

Tune the position sizing to your own Risk Appetite

Position sizing is automatically handled within this EA. When activating this EA, you can however adjust the RiskFactor parameter according to your risk appetite. The default value is 1, you can change it to a higher value to increase the trade sizes accordingly, or a lower value to instruct the EA to trade in smaller sizes.