Creating Institutional-Grade Automated Trading Systems & Making them affordable to the retail investors

In the “Three Eras of Automation” as coined by Harvard Business Review, we have already entered into the 3rd Era, where machines are able to take away decisions, making better choices than humans, reliably and fast.


Google and Amazon, the forefront giants of automation, has shown how much of an advantage you can get by embracing automation and making it the core of their businesses.


We aim to apply the same in the world of trading & investments, automating the buy/sell decisions, allowing you to take advantage of the technology which we have created to provide an alternative stream of income for you.


stress-free trading

Just sit back & watch the trades buy & sell on their own, no decision is needed from you

easy to set-up

Only a few steps, and we guide you through each step of the way till they get running


Choose the trading systems that best fits your budget, starting at the price of a shirt

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Guiding Star Technologies

This started more like a hobby way back in May 2012, when our first automated trading system started running on our own personal accounts. It had a good run, with a return-on-investment of 82% since inception to Jan 2016. Nothing to shout about we know, but we were proud of it.

We learnt a lot during our journey over the years, falling into many pitfalls & making silly mistakes. But that journey made us grow into better automated traders, and we want to now share the benefits of our fruits with you.

All automated trading systems here are rigidly tested for robustness in the financial markets. What this means is that, if the market condition changes, which it does so ever frequently, they will be robust enough to withstand the change and maintain their potential profitability.
Now, we all know that past performances is not indicative of future performance, but at least we run them through the past six years worth of price data to make sure that they are at least profitable in the recent past.
When we run the trading systems through our backtests, we only test them using historical tick data. Backtests are only as accurate as the data that is fed to it, so we know that M1 data is just not good enough. We also test them using both actual spreads from the tick data, as well as artificially widened spreads of 2-3 pips, and make sure they remain profitable in both scenarios.

our trading systems

You can find a range of our trading systems here. Click through to see them in greater details, such as the their profitability, maximum drawdown, equity curve, etc.

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GS Alpha 7
GS Alpha 7
24 February, 2017 in  Trading Systems
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GS Alpha 5
24 February, 2017 in  Trading Systems
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GS Alpha 2
22 February, 2017 in  Trading Systems

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Founder & Managing Director

With 12 years of experience in the financial industry, Terence has been creating automated trading systems since 2011. Left Saxo Capital Markets as Head of Sales Trading (Private) in Jul 2015, he is now dedicating full-time to creating automated trading systems.

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